Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Berlyn's First Thanksgiving. This year we were with Bear's family. They all came down from Utah. Bear's siblings met Berlyn for the first time. They decided to start driving tuesday night and got to our house early Wednesday morning. CRAZY! They were all exhausted and pretty much passed out on the floor as soon as they got here. Bear's siblings were so excited to meet Berlyn. Only Bear's parents had seen her before when they came down for Berlyn's baby blessing at the beginning of October. So it had already been over a month since his parents saw her last. And man is she a lot bigger now. I think she weighed almost 9 pounds for her blessing, and now she is probably almost 13 pounds...maybe more. She is a chunk, but a cute one. They just kept passing her around and could not get enough of her...I don't blame them.
Well that Wednesday night we went to Bear's sister Brittany's engagement party at Aunt Marci's house. Brittany is marrying Rodolfo from Argentina. They are cute together.

Thursday, Thanksgiving, Bear ran the Turkey trot. He ran a best time in his Prefontaine tank and shorts and mustache.

While Bear was gone, baby and I went to the PACKED Walmart to get the ingredients we needed to make stuffing and candied yams to take for dinner. Bear got home a little bit after us and we made the stuffing and candied yams and quickly ran out the door to meet everyone at Grandma Crismon's house for Thanksgiving dinner. We had a great time. Lots of mashed potatoes, rolls, stuffing, candied yams, turkey, salad, olives, green bean casserole, and of course PIE, pumpkin, blueberry and apple. YUM! Even though I shouldn't have, I had a little bit of stuffing and mashed potatoes and pie.....and let's just say baby has been a little cranky since :/ oops... We stayed over there pretty much all night.

Friday we didn't really see his family at all. They came over that night just to see Berlyn. They had a busy day out and about. We all gathered in our front room listening to Bear, Lexa, and Brody play some music. Then it turned into just Bear ha he sure is like his dad...he loves to be the center of attention around his family...and they think he is soooo funny it's hilarious. Bear was trying to make up a song about Rodolfo, but it wasn't working out so great....but since then he has mastered a song they need to hear :)

Saturday, Bear and Grandpa Fred went on a long bike ride, 50 miles while the girls went to the Chandler mall to see Aunt Erica while she was working. We had a fun time. This was a great weekend. Glad the Behrmann's came down. We love spending time with them.

Here are a few photos....baby was sleeping, it was late. Uncles Brett and Brody are missing from these pictures, but there is Rodolfo, Lexa, Brittany, Berlyn, Michelle, Shelby and Fred.

 so they all pretended they were sleeping too...

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