Friday, November 4, 2011

Gripe Water

Wow! I have had a cranky baby lately! At first I had no clue why, then I started looking up stuff to try and find out what was wrong because it made me so sad to see her cry all the time. Whenever I would try to feed her she would protest and did not want to eat and it worried me because she was eating less. After much research I thought she developed thrush (a yeast infection in her mouth and on her bottom) and that maybe I had it on my chest too. I thought maybe it hurt her to eat, so that was the reason for her crying. I called the doctor's office and made an appointment because if she and I did have it I didn't want it to get worse. Berlyn's doctor is not at the office on Monday's so we had to see another doctor. She looked in Berlyn's mouth and in her doctor and confirmed she had thrush! OMG! I read that it was so hard to get rid of! She prescribed us some Nysatin drops and cream. When we got home I researched that and read that the Nysatin drops only work about 50% of the time to get rid of thrush in the mouth! Great! I didn't want those odds, I wanted something that worked! I went out and bought some Grapefruit seed extract that I would take to get it out of my system and I started taking some probiotics.
Berlyn's rash cleared up quick with the cream, but I still didn't know how her mouth was looking (she is very stubborn and would not open up wide enough to let me see). Well two days later we went back to the doctor for her two month check up and shots. We saw her regular doctor this time. I told her what was going on and what we were doing for it. She looked in Berlyn's mouth and said she did not have thrush! What?!?!?! So turns out she never even had it and the other doctor gave her stupid antibiotics for nothing! Gosh dang. Her doctor suggested maybe she just got collicy or she has gas/tummy troubles. She suggested to get Mylicon drops or Gripe Water.

So we stopped the antibiotics quick if we didn't need it in the first place. We also went home and researched both Mylicon drops and gripe water. We went with gripe water. It is made of all natural ingredients and it is not "medicine." It is supposed to help relieve gas bubbles and it has a calming effect on babies and let me tell you, she has been a much happier baby. Turns out all she has is gas and we've all experienced that. It can give you sharp pains sometimes. She is eating much better and definitely not crying as much. THANK YOU GRIPE WATER!

So when we were at my parents for Halloween and she was being so cranky, it was just gas. But seriously she was crying for a couple hours straight. I had pumped some milk to give her in a bottle but every time we would try to feed her she would scream. The one person who finally got her calmed down enough to eat her bottle was her Aunt Sabrina. Thank you Aunt Sabrina for helping us that night! We love you! :)

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