Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Baby Diet

Baby is sleeping, so I am blogging :)

So as you know (from the "gripe water" post) that baby has been a bit fussy lately. Even though the gripe water helped some she still is being a little stinker sometimes. So, as advised by my hubby, I went to talk to my aunt who pretty much knows anything and everything. We tried some "muscle testing" on baby and I to determine where the crying was coming from. (If you want to know what this is just ask). I knew something was upsetting her little tummy, but I didn't know what. (She has also had GREEN poo for the last couple weeks. Yes GREEN, not the normal mustard color it should be. The doctor said this is okay if she is still gaining weight, but I haven't believed her....). Anyways...we came to the conclusion of a food allergy. We decided I would cut out ALL dairy and wheat products for 2 weeks to see if this would help. So pretty much I can't eat ANYTHING. All I can eat are fruits, veggies, eggs, and meat (Yes all the healthy stuff I should be eating anyways, but where's the fun in that??? AND Thanksgiving is coming up. DANG IT!). The good thing about it is that me and baby will be healthier and I will prolly lose these last 6 pounds I've been hangin onto quicker....and maybe some more :) (That would be nice!). I am also taking some probiotics and doing a 20 minute trampoline workout everyday. She also lent me her power juicer so I can whip up some carrot/apple/spinach juice everyday. How nice is she? Well in two weeks I will let you know if this worked! Hopefully I can be as strict as I need to be on the diet. :/

NO Dr. Pepper (even though I haven't had one since I got pregnant, I have been craving one so bad!!)
NO Snickers

No cookies
No brownies
Everything I love I cannot have. Yes, I have a sweet tooth, but I can give it up for a happy and healthy baby and to be the trophy wife my husband deserves ;)

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  1. haha! I'll have a dr. pepper for you! :) Just kidding! What a dedicated mommy you are! She's a lucky girl! I decided I was going to go gluten free after the holidays! Yikes! You can still have some "grains". Rice, corn tortillas, stuff like that. Good luck girl :)