Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So Many Adventures

Berlyn has just been a busy bee :) She went on her first jog with mommy and daddy the other day in the jogging stroller :) She loves to be outside and she likes the bounce of being in the stroller.

 She also sat in her BUMBO for the first time :) Look at that cute little girl!

AND....She rolled over 4 times yesterday from her tummy to her back! and of course I didn't get any of them on camera. Every time I got the camera ready she got stage we will keep trying to get it on camera to put up here :) I am so proud of her. Not only has she been rolling over, she now gives us big gummy smiles and talks to us with her little coo sounds. She can do push-ups with her arms while on her tummy. She is getting so big already! I can't believe it.

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