Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Berlyn's Baby Blessing

On October 9th, 2011 Berlyn was given a priesthood blessing by her daddy at church. Bear's parents came down for the weekend to see Berlyn on her special day. In addition, a lot of our extended family and friends came to support us....My parents, Wayne and Martha Crismon, Tom and Marci Crismon, Paul and Cheryl Reynolds, John and Erica Crismon, Scott and Lindsey Crismon, Denny and Sandy Hassell, Chad and Janna Hassell, Seth Hassell, Talor and Sabrina Hassell, Michelle Moore, Cameron and Ashley, and of course everyone's kids :) (I hope I'm not forgetting anyone :(...) We had invited Wayne (Bear's grandpa), Denny (my grandpa), my dad, bear's dad, and my brother Talor to be in the circle and participate in the blessing. Bear did such a wonderful job and gave the sweetest blessing. He blessed Berlyn to be strong and healthy physically, but also spiritually. He blessed her to be able to withstand temptation from Satan. He blessed her to know how much her mother (me) loves her and that I will do anything for her (this is where I started balling....and Bear too- He loves me :). He also blessed her to be able to find a husband that will take her to the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity. Of course there was a lot more too it, but I cannot write all of it. Man he did such a great job and I love him so much.

Our little girl was so gorgeous. She was blessed in the dress that my mother made for me to be blessed in when I was a baby. We love you Berlyn!


  1. Very special...and what a gorgeous baby! Congrats!

  2. Tycee!! you are a mom:) and i can not tell you how happy i am that you have a blog! berlyn is so cute!! and i love love lovee all of her dark hair. aaah i am just dying reading these posts. keep them coming. and then when i come and see her maybe i will make the blog:) i love you and i am so happy for both you and bear!

  3. Hannah I love you! Yes you will make the blog. We will take lots of pictures and blog about all our adventures when we are together :)