Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Sweet Addition

Well this post is waaaay over due, but never late than neve right?

Well after being 38 weeks pregnant, 75% effaced and 3cm dialated, I wanted to GET OUR BABY OUT ALREADY! I was trying everything. My mom and I would walk around the mall for hours in hopes that it would put me into labor.....nothing. We tried black licorice (spelling?), rasberry leaf tea, more walking, foot reflexology and NOTHING was working. Our baby was being stubborn and just did not want to come into this scary world yet, so about a week and a half before she was due I went over to my sister-in-law's mom's house and had someone do some more foot reflexology and aroma therapy to hopefully jump start labor. And YES it worked. I was having mild contractions all day long, but they were not hurting yet. Finally, after having these contractions for about 7 hours I went to the hospital. They told me I was in early labor, but not in ACTIVE labor. I did have high blood pressure so they called the on call doctor (which was not my doctor) and he decided to just induce me. So they hooked up the IV, which hurt like crazy!! (never get it in the hand!) and they hooked up the pitocin and I thought I was on my way to FINALLY getting our baby out. Boy was I wrong. Well because we were there all night long I was so tired I fell asleep....which caused my body to shut down and the labor to stop. The nurse came in and told me that they were going to send me home because I was not progressing (still at 3cm dialated) and because I was not 39 weeks yet, they could not upt he pitocin. WHAT?!?! I would have been 39 weeks the next day and they still could not up it?!? I got the IV for nothing.....and now I was twice as puffy because of all that fluid in me.
Well Dr. Beck felt bad because they were sending me home so he told me he would schedule an induction when I was 39 weeks (which was actually only the next day!). I was scheduled to come back in the next day(Monday August 29th) at 7:30am. They told me to call first to make sure they had a room for me. Well that night a nurse called me and told me they would just call me when a room opened up because they were so busy. I had to WAIT and WAIT and WAIT for them to call me. I was getting so anxious. I really just wanted to hold our baby in my arms.Well Monday came and left and no call yet. Tuesday morning Bear left for school at about 6:30 am because we still had not heard from the hospital. At 7:30 that morning I was woken up by a call from the hospital saying to come in! Whoo hoo! I called Bear and told him to turn around and meet me at the hospital because we were going to have this baby! I called my mom and she met us there as well.
When I arrived at the hospital, I checked in an Dr. Beck came by and said once they got me hooked up he would come in and break my water so they could not send me home this time. :) I was a happy girl. I got checked in and they took us to our labor and delivery room. I was getting nervous now. It was finally happening and I didn't know what to expect. I hadn't taken any child birth classes and was just goin to wing it. They gave me my IV in the wrist this time and it did not hurt one bit...thank goodness! My nurse, Mary, hooked up the pitocin around 9am and I was still at 3cm dialated, so we just had to wait....Around 11am or so Dr. Beck came in and broke my water. I still could not feel any of my contractions, so I waited to get my epidural. I wanted to at least feel some to know what they felt like. After only like 2 contractions I got my epidural ha. This was like 12 or 12:30pm. That did not hurt at all! and I couldn't feel a thing again. My nurse checked me and I was still dialated to 3cm. Around 2pm she checked me again and I was at 5cm. Whoo hoo progress! She brought in the peanut pillow and put it between my legs. She said it was supposed to cut hours off of labor and boy was she right. Only an hour later at 3:15pm she checked me and I was at 9.5cm and it as time to push. My first push she saw baby's hair and said we should probably call the doctor in now. (They don't call the doctor in right away because some girls don't push as good and it takes forever and doctors don't like to come in too early). Dr.Beck came in and was only there about ten to fifteen minutes. Only seven pushes and baby was out and I didn't have to have an episiotomy! I did tear a tiny bit and had two stitches, but not bad at all. She was born at 3:31pm on Tuesday August 30th 2011. Only 6.5 hours of labor. Once she was out I said, "She made that way too easy I could do this again!" Ha.
Once she was out Dr. Beck cleaned her off a little and had Bear cut the umbilical cord. They wrapped her up and put her in my arms and thats when the tears started to flow...Oh my gosh it was an overwhelming feeling of happiness. How did this baby grow inside me and just pop out?!?! What a miracle it really was. She was beautiful! The nurses asked us what her name was and I looked at Bear and we decided her name would be Berlyn Michelle Behrmnn. Michelle is after Bear's mom.
After I had my chance to hold her and bond with her they took her and weighed her. We all guessed she would be about 7.5 to 8 lbs. We were wrong...she was only 6.5 lbs. Teeny teeny and we did not expect all that hair! She was about 20 inches long and as cute as can be. When they were weighing her she was screaming and I said her name and she instantly stopped. She knew momma's voice and stopped to hear what I had to say. :) Man oh man was I in love.
Well the rest of the hospital stay was crazy. We were there two LONG nights with nurses coming in every few hours. I just wanted to go home and get our lives started together. When we finally brought baby home that is when it actually hit me. I'm a MOM and this little baby depends on me to feed her and change her and help her grow. Amazing feeling to know that someone needs you that much, that if you just let her be she would die. I love knowing that she NEEDS me. Everyone wants to be needed at some point. Being a mom is the best ever along with being a wife. I love my little family and would not trade this for anything!

Look at all that hair! :)

First family picture.


  1. Loved hearing about your biirth story! She is beautiful and you are a lucky momma! But you a right...there is nothing like it. You can't imagine how much love you can have until you are a mom! Congrats to you guys!